The present general conditions have as object the purchase of products and services, made at distance by the use of Internet, on the web site, company who is part of the IAF Network S.p.A. with legal quarter in Via Flero 46 South tower - 25125 Brescia - Italy VAT registration IT02424060982.


All prices displayed on the site Yamamoto Nutrition are VAT inclusive for private clients and italian resellers.

All prices displayed on the site Yamamoto Nutrition are VAT exempt for european resellers.


Acceptance of the general sales conditions
The contract drawn up between Yamamoto and the customer has to be intended as finished with the acceptance, even if only partially, of the order by Yamamoto part. This acceptance is lawful, if not otherway communicated by the customer, in any kind of way.
By placing an order in any of the different possible ways, the customer declares to have had a look to all the indications given to him during the purchase procedure, and he declares to accept interely the general conditions & the payment conditions, written as follow:
If the customer is a consumer (that means a physic person who buys the goods for uses not referred to his professional activity), once that the online purchase procedure is finished, he will print or save an electronic copy of the order & anyway he will save the present general purchase conditions, in the respect of what expected the Legislative Decrete 206/2005 concerning the sales made with distance.
It is excluded everyright of the customer to a reimbourse of damages or indemnity, as well as any contractual or extracontractual responsability for direct or indirect damages to person and/or things, caused by the missed acceptance or evasion, even partial, of one order.


Presentation of products

During the summer period (June-September) the purchase of chocolate-based bars or snacks is not recommended; these products are stored in YAMAMOTONUTRITION stores at controlled temperatures. however during the transport by the courier these products could go through phases of dissolution, YAMAMOTONUTRITION will not be responsible for the arrival at destination of non-intact or loose products.


Purchase formality

The customer can order only the products present on the Yamamoto electronic catalogue at the moment of the order forwarding and that are visible online at the address (URL), as described in the informative cards. All prices displayed on the site Yamamoto Nutrition are VAT inclusive for private clients and italian resellers. All prices displayed on the site Yamamoto Nutrition are NOT VAT inclusive for european resellers. Yamamoto doesn't give any kind of warranty (express or implicit) about the accourancy, completency or trustiness of the information & services and in general of the content of the web site. The product's descriptions & images have just an orientative aim, and they can contain some unintentional mistakes. For a correct use of the products as well as of the product's information (such as function, dosages, content, warnings, efficienc, ect) you are recommended to consul an expert in sportive medicine and to read carefully the label. Eventual decisions, which should be taken on the base of the data present on this web site, are taken in total decisional autonomy and at the own customer's risk. What is reported on Yamamoto does NOT substitute in any way the medical consultancy and it doesn't expecially want to attribute the effects that a nutritional supplement (because it is called so) can't have on the customer.
The correct reception of the order is confirmed by through a reply via e-mail, sent to the e-mail address given by the customer. The reply is generated in an automatic way by the system and it can't be considered as an acceptance of the order, but just as a confirmation of the receipt of the same. This confirmation mesage will report an "order code", that will have to be used during any further communication with Yamamoto. The message puts forward again the data inserted by the customer, who undertake to check the correctivness and to communicate straight away eventual corrections, according to the formalities described in this document. If received correctly, the order can be visualized by the customer on the web site of Yamamoto in the area "YOUR ORDERS". In case of misse dacceptance of the orders, Yamamoto will communicate it opportunely to the customer.


In the 'SHOPPING CART' summary page of the site, you can enter the 'discount coupon' code to get additional discounts. The discount coupons are communicated via email and newsletters and / or through special promotions; if you are in possession of a 'discount coupon' code, just insert it into the shopping cart page to get the discount provided. The use of coupons can not be accumulate with other discounts.

Payment formality

Yamamoto put at your disposal different ways of payment to come along to the exigencies of the customer: bank transfer in advance, paypal circuit (credit card on line), cash on delivery (CoD).

In case of cancellation of an order (made with a Paypal) by the customer or missed acceptance by Yamamoto, it will be request at the same time by Yamamoto the cancellation of the transaction and the clearance of the involved amount. The clearance times, for some type of card, dipend exclusively from the bank system and they can arrive up to their natural expiry date (usually 24-25 days from the authorization time). Once the cancellation has been made, in any case Yamamoto can be considered responsible for eventual damages, direct or indirect, caused by the delay of the misses clearance of the involved amount by the bank system.

The maximum amount, allowed when paying cash, is 900,00€. For payments with cheque it is necessary to get the authorisation of the Yamamoto administration. Therefore, it is important to inform Yamamoto before proceeding by paying CoD with a cheque.


Delivery modality & costs

Yamamoto Nutrition deals with orders coming from Europe. The delivery cost change according to the kind of customer & payment. In any case the delivery costs are calculated automatically and they are presents in the order summary. Concerning the invoice the information given by the customer will be proof of order. No changes in the invoice will be possible, after its amission, and it won't neither be possible to emit the invoice after the dispatch of the order to customers who won't have given, at the moment of the order, their VAT registration number and/or their tax code.

Yamamoto Nutrition doesn't have any responsability in case of delay in the fulfilment of the order or in the delivery of the products that have been ordered. Expect indications given by our customer service, the delivery is meant on the road. Yamamoto is not responsible for damages or theafts caused during the transport of the goods. In case a package arrives and it is not intact (damaged ot with clear signs of manumission, it's important to let this be noticed by the courier that delivers the package & to sign the document of transport adding the wording "WITH RESERVE". This will allow to get covered in case of any anomaly will be found after opening the package (broken or missing parts). In this case the fact will have to be told via fax or e-mail to the main headquarter of the courier and, for knowledge, to us. It is possible to insure the transported goods on customer's request, through a specific form. The insurance expects an added cost of 6,00 € + 0,7% to the total value of goods.

In case the customer will receive a product different from the one he ordered, Yamamoto will act to substitue it with the correct one. The customer will have to contact us straight away via e-mail, phone or fax, communicating the fact to us. Our collaborators will give you the necessary instruction to proceed with the substitution act and to give back the wrong goods. Delivery costs for the return & resend will be at Yamamoto charge.We are at your disposal in case the product you order is not available, proceeding with the crediting of the paid amount or sending you a product similar to the one you ordered. The goods will have to be re-delivered intact and selaed in their original package, presenting a good external package to avoid damages. In case the goods will present any sign and they would have been opened in its package, by cutting the sealing, the substitution proces will be vain.


Free Products
Add-ons in the order may vary depending on availability at the time of order completion. For free products there is no possibility to make a change, not even a change of size.


Last minute
Last Minute items are short-term products sold at an advantageous price. They are marked with the price in green and the expiry date in bold.
In view of the short expiry date and the special price conditions of the product YAMAMOTONUTRITION reserves the right not to accept returns, exchanges or faults on these specific products.


Extra EU

Prices for non-EU countries are quoted exclusive of VAT.
Any order placed on the site and delivered to non-EU countries may be subject to any taxes, customs duties or documentation that are imposed when the package is delivered.
These costs are not to be considered included in the shipping costs incurred on YAMAMOTO.
Duties, taxes and documentation related to the delivery of an item are, in fact, the responsibility of the customer.

YAMAMOTO is not obliged to check customs duties, applicable taxes, any documentation required and cannot know in advance the amount or the documentation required during the handling by the customs of the destination country.

We inform you, therefore, that by ordering on YAMAMOTO website, you are considered as the official importer and you are therefore obliged to respect all laws and rules of the country where you receive the goods. For further information you can refer to the consulate or embassy.
Cross-border deliveries may be subject to an opening and inspection procedure by customs.


The personal data requested when you are placing an order are collected & treated in a way that will satisfy the requirment of the customer & they won't in any case be given to 3rd person. Yamamoto guarantees to its customers the respect of the normative concerning personal data use, controlled by the privacy code included in the Law Decrete n° 196 of the 30 June 2003.