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Discount Codes are codes that entitle you to use additional discounts on

Be careful: all discount codes have a limited time validity, don't wait for them to expire!

Active discount codes
15% discount on
Thermogenics and Drainers
Code: HOT

How can you use them?

Using discount codes is very simple:

  • Log in to the Yamamoto site
  • Do your usual shopping, adding products to the cart
  • Go to the cart page and in the "Discount Code" field enter the discount code you want to use for the purchase: for products related to that code, you will have applied the relative additional discount!
  • You can then go ahead and complete the order

  • Discount codes cannot be combined with any other offers on the website,except for influencer codes, which can be combined with discount codes
  • For each order you can enter a maximum of 1 discount code (and an influencer code)
  • Products marked by green color are in offer and cannot be discounted

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