Arthrovid® Tendoforte® 24 x 6,6 g

Rating: 5,0 | 2 Reviews

Arthrovid® Tendoforte® 24 x 6,6 g

Rating: 5,0 | 2 Reviews
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Arthrovid® Tendoforte® is a food supplement based on collagen and vitamin C. *Vitamin C contributes to normal formation of collagen for the physiological function of bones and cartilage. The product is enriched with CurQFen®, an innovative ingredient with fenugreek and turmeric extracts.


Strength, Energy and speed depend on the tendon tissue, as well as the ability to perform a correct movement and an efficient muscle contraction, where the tendons must be strong and rigid, but at the same time must guarantee a remarkable flexible capacity to overloads or to shock response.


Inflammations and injuries of tendon tissues or ligaments are very common in the sports environment, and cause the athlete to train and perform very difficult or even stop from activities and various types of orthopedic interventions based on severity with time recovery which can also be very prolonged. Whether it is running, athletics, cycling, in Calcium we find a very high incidence, as in tennis, but also climbing, CrossFit, skiing, or any sport, injuries are very often the result of excessive stress and / or protracted affecting the tendons and inflammation that has become chronic and favor the injury.

There may be individual risk factors that can facilitate this condition such as previous injuries, an advanced age with relative degeneration of collagen Fibre and its progressive decrease in production, or problems relating to joint flexibility. To these are added the so-called "extrinsic" factors, not directly dependent on the subject, such as demanding workouts, intensification phases with recovery deficits, poorly controlled execution of new exercises in addition to actual direct traumas.

From an important need of athletes to protect tendon structures, thanks to the collaboration with the research laboratory in the field of rehabilitation H2MAX in Rome coordinated by dr. Massimiliano Febbi, together with the research and development department of Yamamoto Research, "ARTHROVID®" was developed, a food supplement to support the health and trophism of tendon structures and ligaments, based on highly specific collagen peptides TENDOFORTE® combined with the powerful anti-inflammatory action of CurQfen®, an innovative formulation of highly absorbed curcuminoids. TENDOFORTE® is a unique form of collagen hydrolyzate, obtained thanks to the biotechnology of GELITA, a leading company in the sector, which has small highly bioactive peptide fragments of collagen that act on the structure of the tendons, activating the cells in these tissues so rich in collagen, favoring the natural renewal and biosynthesis capacity. TENDOFORTE® has proven its effectiveness from specific research in reducing the problems the risk of musculoskeletal injuries caused by wear and to accelerate and accelerate recovery from injury by strengthening and repairing the extracellular matrix and the cartilage on which the structure is based tendon.


In synergy with the work to support repair and structural activity, in inflammatory situations such as in tendinopathies, ARTHROVID® also favors the anti-inflammatory activity provided by CurQfen® a new generation of 100% natural bioavailable curcuminoids (it does not contain emulsifiers or synthetic additives), of free curcuminoids in amorphous form, inserted inside a matrix of soluble fenugreek fiber, thanks to an innovative ultrasound technology (FenuMAT ™ Technology) which, through the dispersion in a gel phase, gives rise to to the compound "Curcumagalactomannosides", which possesses an optimal hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance for the dispersion of curcumin in intestinal fluids. Compared to "standard" curcumin titrated at 95%,



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Nutritional information

24 sachets
citrus fruits
Nutrition information  
  Per daily dose (1 stick = 6.6 g)
TENDOFORTE ® collagen
5 g
Vitamin C
300 mg (375% RI **)
of which turmeric
of which fenugreek
250 mg
87,5 mg
75 mg
RI: Reference Intake

Ingredients: highly purified collagen TENDOFOR - TE®, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), acidity regulator: citric acid; flavouring, CurQFen® [turmeric dry extract (Curcuma longa L.) rhizome 35% total curcuminoids, fenugreek powder (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) seed]; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; colour: beta-carotene; sweetener: sucralose.

DIRECTIONS: dissolve 1 sachet in a glass of water and take once a day


Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of young children. In case of hepatic or biliary function disorders or in presence of choledocholithiasis, the use of this product is not recommended. If you are taking any medications, you should consult your doctor. Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight.

Reviews (2)

User: 155469 05/09/2021
prodotto molto valido, usato per problemi alle articolazione delle spalle, dopo la 4 bustina, si cominciano a sentire gli effetti, una forte riduzione del dolore. gusto non male, accettabile
Gabriele 02/09/2021
Funziona. Gran prodotto.

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