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To improve the most extreme sports performance

For any athlete who is looking for true excellence in supporting and finalizing efforts with the best forms of fuels for all types of performances, durations, and settings, whether running, cycling, in the mountains, water, and air.
Properties and quality

Why choosing Alphazer products



Performance support with rapid and continuous effectiveness over time, without glycemic drops nor weighing down the gastrointestinal system. Ideal for extended efforts.



The reintegration of those precious electrolytes lost through perspiration and/or high temperatures are fundamental in order not to compromise health and performance.



Alphazer supplements provide everything the body needs for effective recovery, counteracting fatigue or overtraining.

Riduzione della fatica

Fatigue reduction

Alphazer supplements help to delay and counteract the onset of fatigue, promoting constant energy support, focus and lactic acid's drainage.

Digeribilità e assorbimento

Digestibility and absorption

All Alphazer products are easy to digest and have rapid and effective absorption. They can be used even in times of extreme efforts or immediately after the performance.

Made in Italy

Safety and made in Italy

Alphazer products use only the best raw materials and are produced in Italy in Italian accredited pharmaceutical labs, according to the National Law of the Ministry of Health.


High-quality supplements for all needs


Some Alphazer testimonials

>Danilo Callegari
Danilo Callegari
Extreme adventurer
Luca Gargiullo
Luca Gargiulo
Endurance Coach
Simone Spirito
Simone Spirito
OCR Elite Athlete
Simone Spirito
Giuseppe Cossu
Italian Skydiving Champion