Who we are

Passion and research

Everything starts from our passion, founded on scientific bases, we are a leading Italian company in sports nutrition, the only one to boast a 100% made in Italy production .

We rely on a rigorous approach and the continuous search for the best ingredients for the development of premium formulations, ready to provide you with the best choice in the field of sports nutrition at the highest levels.

Let us guide you in choosing the best products as allies for your well-being:Protein and supplements to improve performance at every level and for every preparation phase, but also vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all the best of functional and sports nutrition.

Quality and competence

Those who have chosen us as an ally for their well-being have chosen absolute quality, without compromise , based on advanced formulations based on meticulous standards and the result of constant literary research on the most recent scientific discoveries.

We have the trust of the largest producers of certified raw materials in the world.The complex development process for the birth of a product leads to a transparent final result, to a state-of -the-art production with certified control measures and sample content analyzes that they will always be at your disposal as a guarantee of reliability and safety.

It is no coincidence that our brands are chosen for the launch of new patents or as premium examples to be promoted in the major trade fairs in the sector.

You will be sure that everything that comes out of our warehouse of over 6000 square meters will meet the highest quality standards and will have our personal seal of absolute quality.


Whether you are a professional sportsman or a person who approaches a healthier lifestyle, we have thought of the best solution for you, whatever your goal, thanks to our expertise, we will help you achieve it.

We put at your disposal the testimonies of the greatest world athletes and industry experts who have chosen us as their personal ally, with our blog and our social channels we share with you the most authoritative nutritional knowledge and competitive experiences.

We are not only at the center of your nutrition, we have also studied a line of sportswear, based on a search for style and unique fabrics suitable for every phase and place of your training.