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Everything started 6 years ago with something that was missing: meticulous research et une and a rigorous, science-based approach to developing premium formulations.

When we introduce supplements or foods in our body it's important to have the certainty of knowing what we are ingesting, the quality and the guarantee of safety.

Our passion and dedication has always been guided by the goal of optimizing people's well-being.

Administrative headquarters

Quality standards

During the last years, we have redefined the way to create advanced and effective formulations, each one based on meticulous standards and researches on the latest scientific discoveries.

The development process to make a product is complex, but the final result is transparent with lots of certificates of raw materials and content analysis that are at your disposal to be consulted.

The priority is you

Over time, we have gained the trust of the biggest certified raw material producers in the world.

Our brands are always chosen for the launch of new patents or as Premium examples exhibited in the major sector trade fairs.

For us is a priority to buy only ingredients of the best quality and certification.

Unlike some other brands, 100% of our supplements are manufactured in Italy.

Personalized wellness

We understand your needs.

As supporters of personal wellbeing, we offer advices in order to achieve a consumer satisfaction that goes beyond 95%.

Not surprisingly, our customers recommend us to their friends and family.

Our history
November 21
Foundation of nutritional supplements brand for athletes Yamamoto® Nutrition
September 01
Yamamoto® Nutrition launches new generation raw materials such as Cluster Dextrin™ and Sustamine® for the first time in Italy and Europe.
September 21
Foundation of organic food brand Smile Crunch
March 21
Foundation of nutraceutical supplements brand Yamamoto® Research.
September 22
Yamamoto® Nutrition is Main Sponsor Arnold Classic Europe.®
December 31
Yamamoto® Nutrition Iso-FUJI® is the best sold protein in Italy.
February 01
Yamamoto® Nutrition hires as a testimonial the 7 times Mr. Olympia 212 James Flex Lewis.
September 15
Flex Lewis wins the seventh title of Mr Olympia cat. 212 entering the Hall of Fame. Yamamoto® Nutrition is the first European company to add 1 Sandow as Sponsor.
September 28
Yamamoto® Nutrition is Main Sponsor Arnold Classic Europe.
October 31
Yamamoto® Nutrition obtains the INFORMED SPORT certification.
December 31
Yamamoto® Nutrition is the brand of sports supplements with greater revenue in Italy
March 2
Yamamoto® Nutrition presents the new supplements line Flex Signature Series
March 18
IAF NETWORK inaugurates the new administrative headquarters.
June 10
Yamamoto® Nutrition hires as a testimonial the 2 volte Mr. Olympia Classic Breon M. Ansley.
July 17
Yamamoto® Nutrition launches on the market and exclusively the raw material Optipep® DH32 NEXT
July 30
Yamamoto® Nutrition launches on the market and exclusively the raw material Progo®
November 20
Smile Crunch presents the new line of organic creams
December 31st
Yamamoto® Nutrition is confirmed as the brand of supplements for athletes with the highest revenue in Italy
February 24
Foundation of nutritional supplements for athletes brand: Alphazer®
March 23
Foundation of clothing brand Yamamoto® Active Wear