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My debut for pure fun on 04/25/2015 in the Spartan Race Sprint in Orte (Rome), conquering an unexpected 35th place out of more than 2000 athletes, this is where the awareness of my means and therefore my adventure begins. On 2/05/2015 I immediately take part in another competition called Street Workout Race (Rome), winning the 3rd position out of 250 athletes.

In June 2015 I also took part in two stages of the Italian MudRun Championship: winning the 2nd position in the Gladiator Race, Guidonia (Rome) out of about 500 athletes; conquering the 2nd position also at the ItalianMudrun Experience in Frosinone out of about 400 athletes. In September 2015 I also participate in the night edition of the ItalianMudrun Experience in Frosinone, winning the 2nd position.

In October 2015 he completed the three distances Spartan Race abroad, with the Super of Epleny (Hungary) and Beast of Barcelona (Spain), respectively conquering the 33rd and 41st place, at his absolute debut in these International competitions. on over 2000 Athletes. 2016 was the first year that I was a participant in competitions since the beginning of the season. Training intensified, and the REEBOK OCR TEAM ITALY, of which I am spokesperson and founding member, was established, the season was exciting and full of national appointments with the 10 stages of the Italian MudRun Championship, closed in 4th position overall and 2nd in Team.

On the international front also obtained the excellent placings and experiences. 22nd overall in the European Spartan Race Ranking, boasting: - 8th place in the Spartan Race Sprint in Orte (Rome) out of over 2600 participants. - 3rd classified in the Spartan Race Sprint in Milan on 16/06/2016, in the most participated Spartan Race in Italy 3865 participants. - First Italian and 23rd overall in the first Spartan Race Ultra Beast (50 km with 88 obstacles) in Vechec (Slovakia) on over 2400 athletes. - 7th overall in the Spartan Race of Le Castellet (France) out of about 1800 participants. - Received the city award at the Gran Galà dello Sport of the Municipality of Aprilia for sporting merits achieved in 2016. - Interviewed by the GQ Italia magazine, the Reebok blog site and the LaPasa (Japan) blog. In addition to various articles in local newspapers (Aprilia,

Of note, the participation in the OCR European Championships held in Nijmegen (Holland) in June 2016, wearing the jersey of the ITALIAN NATIONAL MudRun, at my debut in a European competition, managing to complete the very difficult path and ranking 65th overall and 3rd. in the members of the Italian National Team.

I also took part in the Ninja Warrior Italia program aired on Canale 9 of the Digital Terrestrial

In this new season (2017), the first goal was to perfect myself and become even more competitive, putting all possible effort into it, in full compliance with the still impeccable values ​​of this sport, with physical and economic efforts, relying on professionals. to take care of the Training profile (Maurizio Marini, The Total Training) and Nutrition (Dietitian Agnese Soncini), in order to be able to compete at even more prestigious levels.

In the 2017 season, with the experience gained in the international field, I fight all season for the podium in the Italian OCR Championship, finishing in 3 overall position. With the team we position ourselves 2 absolute always in the Italian OCR championship. In the Spartan Race front I finish 3 Elite as best placement in the Spartan Race Super in Misano Adriatico, while in Poland, Krynica, I finish 4 ahead of champions of absolute international standing in this sport! As a team we win every stage played. I also participate in the European Spartan Race Championships in Andorra placing me 21st Absolute Man, and in the Spartan Race World Championships at Lake Tahoe, California, USA, ranking 90th overall in the world!

With the Italian National Ocr I participate in the expedition in the Canadian World Championships in Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada, positioning myself in the short 3km 17 absolute competition, in the absolute standart 75 in the world and in the 11 team team relay in the world!

2017 is also the year of my first victory in a competition, triumphing in front of prominent national athletes in the Torrice Urban OCR. In addition to a considerable number of competitions, the organization of Workshops and Group Workouts started by me in order to train people who want to try their hand at this discipline according to the Athletic and Technical profile on the national territory. I can also organize a 7 Days Training Camp in the independent state of Andorra in the month of August.

In this new season (2018), the first without the support of REEBOK, I treasured all that these past intense years have been, and I decided to focus my efforts on smaller goals and catch my breath given the excessive economic expenses. Being the first full self-financed season, I took part in the first championship sponsored by CONI regarding OCR competitions, took part in international competitions thanks to the FIOCR as Captain of the Italian National Team in the SHARDANA World Team Challenge team format and in the OCR European Championships held in Denmark . In the rest of the competitions, without aiming for the final ranking, I took part individually in the Italian OCR events.

In the absence of relevant economic support, however, people have replaced this lack in a big way, expanding the Team with the Italian Champion Eugenio Bianchi, we have established a single Team taking the name of OCR TEAM ITALY LWT, where free participation in the team was opened, conquering all the Stages participated in Italy and Europe Spartan Race this season, placing the Team at the top of Europe, 5 in the European Championship, 8 in the World Championship!

In 2019 I autonomously resumed training, the commitment to find a competitive form has increased over time, up to the peak in the second part of the season, in relying on the Coach specialized in OCR Mirco Gaggiotti, a true Guru of our sport.

Even not having participated in European and World competitions, I managed to win several races with fierce opponents throughout the Italian territory, in anticipation of an eventful 2020, with the return to the Italian Spartan Race Championship, and the programming of International events.

In this 2019, in addition to a growth in experience, with the help of my companions I managed to organize the OCR TEAM ITALY LWT and my Social channels in a more professional way, with the reorganization of all the multimedia pages and the creation of a website that can contain all single and team experiences online.

Not least, having obtained the qualification of 'Functional Trainer OCR Specialist', with which I have the opportunity to teach this sport in an official way in Italy and in the world.

2020 started immediately in a positive way, with the conquest of the first place in the Gallipoli Race, held in a wonderful context like that of Salento, winning the 1st place out of about 400 athletes, I was ready to fully return to the National circuit and international, relying on the great support of MY RUNNING LAB and ALPHAZER, new important partnerships for my career, but alas the Covid-19 pandemic meant that inevitably all competitions were postponed, making sure that all the time was invested in personal growth and training, focusing on the weak points and thus being able to further reduce the gap for absolute success.

During the final part of the season, I managed to participate in two stages of the Italian OCR championship (suspended), winning an excellent 3 place overall in Sardinia at the NATURE RACE, and touching the podium at the INFERNO RUN in Florence, making a mistake in the final part of the race which then relegated me to 11th position, but given a lot of awareness that the road was absolutely right.

With almost 2 years of uninterrupted training, without physical problems, and with a great team behind us, we are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the pandemic and the start of the racing season !!!

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    • Competitions and placements played in 2016

    - Vertical Sprint, Latina, Towerrunning Circuit, 16th place out of 203 athletes
    - Spartan Race Valmorel (France), Sprint, 33rd out of about 1850 athletes
    - Bootcamp Terni, Multiple obstacle tests, 1st out of 110 athletes
    - CrossX Race, Cesano (RM), Italian MudRun Championship (CIMR), 10th out of about 400 athletes
    - Rea Palus Race, Rapallo (GE), Independent race, 3rd out of about 400 athletes
    - Spartan Race Orte (Rome), Sprint, 8th out of 2600 about athletes
    - Inferno Run, Pisa, CIMR, 10th out of about 4500 athletes (Injured)
    - Tough Viking, Stockholm (Sweden), 33rd out of about 3200 athletes
    - ItalianMudrun Experience, Frosinone, CIMR, 4th out of about 450 athletes
    - Spartan Race Milano, Sprint, 3rd out of 3865 athletes
    - OCR European Championship Nijmegen (Holland), 65th out of about 600 athletes
    - Parmesan HardRun, Boves (CN), CIMR, 2nd out of about 500 athletes
    - CrossX Race, Ovindoli (AQ), CIMR, 7th out of about 300 athletes
    - Original Gram, Turin, Independent race, 4th out of about 450 athletes
    - Spartan Race Vechec (Slovakia), Ultra Beast, 23rd out of about 2400 athletes
    - Scigamatt, Lecco, CIMR, 3rd out of about 900 athletes
    - Nature Race, Villasimius ( CA), CIMR, 4th out of about 350 athletes
    - La Matta Corsa, Modena, CIMR, 26th out of about 600 athletes (Penalties)
    - Spartan Race Le Castellet (France), Sprint, 7th out of about 1800 athletes
    - Spartan Race Le Castellet (France), Super, 20th out of about 2100 athletes (Injured)
    - Inferno Run City, Florence, CIMR, 28th out of about 3900 athletes (Injured)
    - Spartan Race Taranto, Beast, Super; Sprint, Racing in a non-competitive way.
    • Competitions and placements played in 2017

    - Vertical Sprint, Latina, Towerrunning Circuit, 11th out of 205 Athletes
    - Rea Palus Warrior, Independent Race, First 8 out of 120 Athletes (Injured)
    - Spartan Race Orte, Rome, Sprint, 8th out of 3287 Athletes
    - Spartan Race Vienna, Sprint , 22nd out of 2347 Athletes
    - Inferno Run, Florence, 1st CIMR Race, 11th out of 1600 Circa Athletes
    - Original Gram, Givoletto (To), 2nd CIMR Race, 3rd out of 700 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race Milan, Sprint, 8th out of 3200 Circa Athletes
    - Verona Force Run, Verona, 3rd CIMR Race, 5th out of 864 Athletes
    - Farm Run, Noceto (PR), 4th CIMR Race, 3rd out of 900 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race Morzine, France, Beast, 9th out of 1900 Circa Athletes
    - La Bestia, Treviso, 5th CIMR Race, 11th out of 400 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race Valcianska Dolina, Slovakia, Sprint, 10th out of 1700 Athletes
    - Spartan Race Valcianska Dolina, Slovakia, Super, 9th out of 2300 Athletes
    - Torrice Urban OCR, Independent Race, 1st out of 370 Athletes Circa
    - Spartan Race Krinyca, Poland , Beast, 4th out of 2400 Circa Athletes
    - Was Obstacle Race, Latina, Independent Race, 1st out of 500 Circa Athletes
    - Werewolf Run, Chieti, Independent Race, 3rd out of 600 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race European Champ., Andorra, Beast , 21st out of 180 Top Athletes
    - Spartan Race Misano, Super, 3rd out of 1800 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race World Championship, California USA, Beast, 90th out of 600p
    - Scigamatt, Lecco, 6th CIMR Race, 9th out of 900 Athletes About
    - OCR World Championship, Blue Mountain, Canada, 17 shorts, 75 stands, 11 teams
    - La Matta Corsa, Modena, 7th CIMR Race, 7th out of 800 Circa Athletes
    - Inferno City, Florence, 8th CIMR Race, 13th out 1600 Circa Athletes
    - Spartan Race Taranto, Beast, 6th out of 1200 Circa Athletes
    - Christmas short cup, Stage 1 Torrice 1 place, Stage 2 Rome 1 place
    • Competitions and placements played in 2018

    - Vertical Run Latina, Towerrunning World Circuit, 4th out of 200 Athletes
    - Werewolf Run, Chieti, Independent Race, 1st out of 370 Athletes
    - FICS Taranto, 1st Camp FICS Race, 1st out of 249 Athletes
    - Spartan Race Maggiora, Milan, Super, 19th out of 1300 Circa Athletes
    - Shardana World Team Challenge, Sardinia, 6th place out of 13 Team
    - Spartan Race Orte, Rome, Super, 3rd out of 200 Atleti Age Group
    - Was Obstacle Race Cinecittà, Rome, Independent race, 5 ° out of 600 Athletes
    - OCR European Champ, Denmark, 66th out of 380 Athletes Circa
    - Torrice Urban Ocr, Independent Race, 2nd out of 350 Athletes
    - Werewolf Run, Chieti, Independent Race, 1st out of 500 Athletes Circa
    • Competitions and placements played in 2019

    - Latina Vertical Sprint. Tower Running Circuit, 8 out of 103 athletes
    - Werewolf Misano World Circuit, National Race, 3 out of 450 athletes
    - Rea Palus Race, Independent Race, National Race, 6 out of 350 Athletes
    - Was Race Swamp Edition, FIOCR Championship, 11 out of 480 athletes
    - Iron Cross Run, Neanderthal Edition, Regional Race. 1 out of 350 athletes
    - World OCR Series, World Final Nijmegen (Netherlands), 23 out of 480
    - Fibreno Obstacle Race, AICS OCR National Final, 3 out of 140 Athletes
    - Iron Cross Run, Southern Warrior Edition, National Race, 1 out of 380
    - Herakles OCR, Independent Race, Regional Race, 2 out of 140 Athletes
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  • 2016-2017-2018-2019-2020 NATIONAL Member of OCR ITALY
  • 2016 4th place overall OCR ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP
  • 2017 3rd place overall OCR ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2017
  • 2018 2 Podi SPARTAN RACE ELITE
  • 2019 More than 15 OCR races Won throughout Italy
  • 2020 More than 30 OCR podiums throughout Italy
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Work out

The racing season usually runs from March / April to October / November, with August usually identified as a month off.

During the OFF Season period, from November to the whole of February, the running sessions are usually ¾, with the presence of specific uphill work for strengthening, and above all the presence of at least 2 strengthening sessions with pure strength work in the alternating gym to the Crossfit methodology, keeping the jobs almost non-specific and far from the gestures that we are going to perform in the race.

Since the beginning of February, the construction of strength has been loosened and we transform the work done in the previous months with speed sessions and gestures that are ever closer to those we will perform in the race. Running sessions, for example, are very common progressives, with for example 3 km flat, 5 km at medium pace, 4 km strong, 3 km flat to close.

Or even speed endurance work, like 10 x 1000 meters with 3 minutes of active recovery. Speaking of purely specific jobs, a good training routine is the real approach to competition, accustoming the body to the stress that will be received in the competition.

Sessions such as 3 minutes of running, 1'30 '' by running an obstacle repetitively, all x 10 times, mean that in the continuous execution of the gesture to overcome the obstacle, this becomes natural and much easier then in the race, so also the body to overcome it after the stress of running, and then to be immediately ready to leave again.


In a sport like OCR, physical composition is fundamental. Each extra kg is like a boulder in the race, to be carried along the entire course! In the OFF Season phase there are some guidelines that my nutritionist indicated to me, they are within some parameters but not too oppressive, in order to relax the mind too, but always in order to have the right energy to face daily life and training routines. During the PRE Season part and during the competition season I have my personalized food plan which aims to make me lose fat in a constant and balanced way while maintaining full strength and lean muscle. The advice I can give to anyone who takes the time to achieve personal goals is that the nutrition is as fundamental as training. Having started the journey with my nutritionist, I really felt I had an edge!

  • Extra

    In addition to the competitions that have taken a significant part in my life since 2015, these go well with my boundless passion for travel, for concerts (always combined with travel) and music in general (of which my routine is to immerse myself in the thought and music of an artist, culminating in the concert, and then discovering a new one!). There is also a real passion for food, but my love for ice cream is truly a step above every dish !!! In general I am extremely curious, I inform myself a lot and I try to be informed and always try any experience, and I am truly convinced that a life is absolutely not enough to enjoy all the beauty that this land can offer us, so we try to enjoy as much as possible always at the most every moment,
  • My favorite exercise

    Fatigue ... that feeling you get before, in which you try to avoid it, but when you are there you give your all up to the end ... here, that moment is my favorite exercise, everything or exercise that brings me to that point , it's my favorite!
  • Future dreams

    Trying to be independent and without 'thoughts' to be able to dedicate myself more and more to improving myself and achieving my highest goal, to become the No. 1 in Italy! Then we cross the border.

    Because ALPHAZER is really a large but small company, in which you can have a relationship with people, who know how to guide you in the best way and follow you in every aspect of nutrition and integration, as well as technical products with specific advice, not one thing discounted when you have a large and important company behind you. So I say, why ALPHAZER? Because it is like feeling at home, because everything works and everyone has their role, to ensure that the athlete is at the center of this great project, as if it were a small company... but instead it is a large and important one. reality ... and the pandemic is over I can't wait to put into practice all the trust that has been placed in me !!!!