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Date of birth


Michele Verginelli was born in Rome on February 2, 1973, he is considered a pioneer of MMA.

Michele's passion for combat sports and competition has always been a fundamental part of his life. His career took shape in 1992, he began with Full Contact to quickly land at Sanda. In this discipline, the Roman athlete competes until 1999, winning national and international titles. The desire to deepen every aspect of martial disciplines pushes Michele, in that same period, to train also in Muay Thai and in Free Wrestling. The mixture of different contact sports and the spirit of the Roman fighter spontaneously lead him to enter the newborn world of MMA.

His professional debut in a Mixed Martial Arts match took place on May 28, 1998 in Naples where he defeated his opponent by TKO in the first round. Although MMA was practically unknown in Italy, little spread internationally and not yet perfectly codified, Michele, in the following two years, struck another seven consecutive victories both at home and abroad. The Roman athlete, during this time span, disputes several Shoot Boxing matches, also in the prestigious Oktagon event, as well as winning the only match ever played in Italy with bare hands and with no time limit.

2001 is the year in which Michele, always eager to compete in every aspect of combat sports, also dedicates himself to boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling competitions. The Roman fighter will play 17 boxing matches, winning most of them. While, as regards grappling, in 2008, he will win the first Italian Cup and compete, in Switzerland, in the first World Championship.

Michele or "Iron Mike", as he is nicknamed, never misses an opportunity to expand his fighting experiences until, in 2006, thanks to a Florentine friend, he receives the almost unique chance to become a Calcium player of Calcio Storico Fiorentino and get into field with the jersey of the Bianchi Santo Spirito, a team that will never leave.

Michele's career in MMA continues conveyed by numerous trips to Brazil where he perfects himself by training with authentic legends of this sport and playing matches in various organizations around the world. Currently, with an MMA record of 19 wins, 11 defeats and 1 draw, he is also dedicated to teaching and is the head coach of Alessio Di Chirico, MMA fighter under contract with the prestigious UFC. Considered a point of reference for Mixed Martial Arts, Michele Verginelli has always promoted and encouraged the spread of this sport in Italy.

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  • 1997 1 ° world class Kung-Fu Sanda cup
  • 1998 1st class International Kung-Fu Sanda festival
  • 1999 1st class world traditional Kung-Fu Sanda
    1st class Ultimate fighting challenge brescia
    1st class world kick boxing
    1st class oktagon Rome uns knockout tournament
  • 2000 1°class oktagon millennium
  • 2008 1st class Italian grappling championship
  • 2009 1st class SHC Geneva
  • 2010 1st class SHC 2 Geneva
    1st class SHC Geneva
  • 2011 2nd class European grappling championship
    1st class SHC 2 Geneva
    1st class Italian grappling championship figmma
    2nd class European grappling championship
    3rd class Grappling world championship Row
  • 2012 1°class Oktagon
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Work out

I try to always keep the same routine, but away from competitions, I only lower the intensity and the number of daily workouts.

Weekly training consisting of weight training, boxing, that, grappling and MMA training divided into the week along with full sparring.


Balanced diet between Protein and carbohydrates, chicken, egg white, rice, and dried fruit, and cooked vegetables.

  • Extra

    I am inspired by the constant desire to compete and measure my limits and possibly overcome them.
  • My favorite exercise

    My exercise is not one but many, but what I often repeat is technical punching bag work.
  • Future dreams

    Create a group of professional athletes, who carry the Italian flag around the world, and make this sport grow in a clean way in our country.
  • Why Yamamoto?

    Because Yamamoto perfectly meets my needs for sports integration, both in terms of quality and support for all types of training and more.