Combat sports


Date of birth
2002 / Gorizia (IT) / Evento: MuayThai Trieste (Match 5x2)


Gevorg "Giorgio" Petrosyan, born on 10 December 1985 in Yerevan (Armenia) is an Armenian Thai boxer and kickboxer who became an Italian citizen in 2015 for sporting merits.

He was the first athlete to win two consecutive k-1 max tournaments, and the first product of the Italian kickboxing school to win k-1 and glory tournaments, considered the two largest combat sports organizations in the world.

He has long been considered the strongest kickboxer in the world in his weight division, having scored major victories against undisputed champions. Per two consecutive years he was awarded as the best Thai boxer athlete of all time.

In October 2017, for the first time he fought for a world title at home, in Lombardy, where four years ago with his brother Armen (organizer and founder of PetrosyanMania as well as multiple international champion) he opened the Team Petrosyan gym in via Sibari 15 in Milan. He won the ISKA -70kg world title and defended it again in February 2019, again at PetrosyanMania Gold Edition.

He is under official contract of ONE Championship, the world's largest combat sports promoter. He has played 3 matches, now Giorgio is in the running to play the most ambitious tournament in the world that will see the 8 best athletes in the world compete against each other starting from the quarter-finals.

In December 2018 he was named by ONE CHAMPIONSHIP: best world athlete of 2018 and best kick boxer in the world of all time.

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  • 2005 European MTA Muaythai title
    WMC Intercontinental title
  • 2006 Kombat League Muay Thai - World title
  • 2009 K-1 World MAX 2009 Champion
  • 2010 K-1 World MAX 2010 World Champion
  • 2012 Glory World Series 8 Champion
  • 2016 WTF Shanghai Champion
  • 2017 W5 Grand Prix KITEK XXXIX Champion
    Iska World Champion
  • 2019 Iska World Champion
    ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Champion
  • 2020 Iska World Champion
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Work out

The typical daily workout includes:



  • Physical training with Ermes di Francesca
  • Enhancement on strength, Energy and explosiveness



  • Warm-up (rope, free body, etc.)
  • Training with the agonist group (technique in pairs)
  • Hitters with Armen Petrosyan and Alessandro Meda
  • Sparring with the various athletes of the team (depending on the day of the week)
  • Stretching


The diet is taken care of, both for nutrition and for integration, by my trusted nutritionist, Dr. Gabriele Trapani.
Off Season (almost never, maximum 10 days after a match then restart with OnSeason)


  • 170g low-fat white yogurt
  • 1 square of dark chocolate
  • 200 gr fresh seasonal fruit
  • Multivitaminico yamamoto
  • Aminodex 1 sachet

Pre workout (Morning):

  • Codiceps 1cp
  • Race Performance 3cp

Post workout (Morning):

  • Alphatech 15cp


  • 80 / 100gr rice
  • Mixed salad
  • 200gr Chicken

Post Workout (Afternoon):

  • Alphatech 15cp
  • Aminodex 1 sachet


  • 1 fruit
  • Yamamoto protein bar


  • 80 / 100gr rice
  • 200 gr chicken
  • Mixed salad + vegetables

Before bed snack:

  • 40 gr of light philadephia with 4 wholemeal rusks
  • 20 gr of jam

    Always stay fit, competitive and always achieve goals.
    It is not important to be number 1 but it is difficult to stay that way.
  • My favorite exercise

    Do the hitters (or Pao).
  • Future dreams

    Winning the world title in the 70kg category of the promotion One Championship which to date has all the strongest athletes in this weight category in the world.
  • Why Yamamoto?

    I have been collaborating with Yamamoto for many years now, in addition to the seriousness of the company, the supplements are excellent as well as all the other products. As soon as I tried them I immediately understood the quality and the difference compared to the others. Behind Yamamoto there is a professional team that always follows me and I am very happy to continue this collaboration.