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To date, I have more than 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness world, having started attending gyms at a very young age, first as an athlete and then as a coach and trainer.

I started training in the gym at the age of 14 and at 18 I started my career as a fitness trainer.

I also had a career as a competitive athlete, where I competed in both national and international competitions.

My athletes have had great results, in fact for many years I have trained and managed a competitive team made up of top athletes in the disciplines of crossfit, bodybuilding and combat sports.

My experience in the field of fitness, first as an athlete and then as a coach has allowed me to understand what were the real needs that a person who approaches this world has.

With this in mind, I opened my company GS Loft, an exclusive consulting club for the well-being of the body and mind, where my staff and I combine the science and culture of well-being in personalized, effective, functional and sustainable.

GS Loft was born in March 2019 and immediately starts with a bang. Even before opening the first physical office in Desenzano del Garda, it was already "sold out". As a start-up company, in the first year, it had a turnover of more than 1,000,000 euros from scratch. In 2020, the year characterized by the Covid pandemic and the year in which, unfortunately, many companies in the fitness field had to close their doors, GS Loft managed to get + 100% of members and opened a second office in Milano Marittima.

This demonstrates, on the one hand, the great initiative, motivation and foresight that we have implemented right from the start, and on the other hand the great organization and management solidity of the GS Loft company.

Today the GS Loft brand has two luxury offices in Italy, in Desenzano and Milano Marittima. By 2021 the surface of the Desenzano del Garda headquarters will be doubled, adding services and comfort for all customers.

Furthermore, my team and I are preparing the ground to expand the brand also internationally and export the GS Loft method even beyond the borders. Gs Loft currently has more than 20 professionals working in the two offices: - The Fitness Advisors deal with consultancy in the sports and athletic fields;
- Doctors and nutritionists provide consultancy in the food sector;
- Mental coaches support and help clients on a psychological and mental level;
- All the other figures, such as those involved in front-office, back office, management, marketing and sales, manage the numerous activities and organization of the two offices on a daily basis.

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  • Extra

    Being able to improve people's lives.
    This has always been my goal and it is also the vision that inspired me to create GS Loft.
    In other words, my true inspiration has always been, still is and always will be, to improve society.
    It may sound utopian, but that's what happens every day in GS Loft.
    My staff and I aim to make people feel good! This means improving society.
  • My favorite exercise

    Without a doubt it is the squat!
    Because it is the exercise that most of all reveals people's character.
    It demonstrates how much weight a person can carry on their shoulders, both physically and in life.
  • Future dreams

    To become more and more a point of reference in the world of fitness to improve people's lives.
    And being able to transfer the values ​​that most distinguish me and the more they served me to get to where I am today.
    I do not hide that one of my dreams, but also one of my next goals is to export the GS Loft brand overseas to help even more people to improve their lives.
  • Why Yamamoto?

    I chose Yamamoto because it is the best Italian company and it is essential for me to collaborate with industry leaders. In addition to this, what prompted me to choose Yamamoto is the company's willingness to invest huge economic resources in research and development every year. I believe that today few companies invest in real studies that certify the real purity and technicality of the products, for my customers I always want the best.