Date of birth
2020 SAN MARINO / SAN MARINO PRO qualifier


HARD WORK BEATS TALENT. It has always been the rule of my life in work and sport. I have always loved sport, for many years I have played Calcium like many others, and those who know me know that I was fairly good. Unfortunately, not by my own choice, I was forced to refuse important opportunities.

I was already quite physically strong as a kid despite being very thin and already at the age of 13 I was thrilled to be able to join the gym in order to strengthen my physique to be even stronger in the game of Calcium.

I was too young for everyone, I had to wait until 15 before I could enter the weight room. I immediately realized that despite my 60 kg I had an edge over the others .. day after day I saw my body change and I remember that after a few months I was already able to lift 90 kg of flat bench press. A passion that took over and so I decided to dedicate myself only and exclusively to the gym. I leafed through the magazines of the time dreaming of MR. Olympia After two years of training at the age of 17, I decided to throw myself, a bit in jeopardy, in my first competition as a junior.

I still remember the emotion, the first stage is never forgotten. I got a great second place behind a bigger guy and much bigger than me. I promised myself to beat him one day and fate would have it that we met again 15 or 16 years later and we did. I competed for three years and my best placement was a second place in the Italian NABBA Championships, then I decided not to compete again. If I got back it was just to confront the heavyweights. Per ten years I believe I have never missed a workout to reach my goal.

My other dream was to be able to transform my passion into my job. After high school I immediately got to work to try to raise as much money as possible. I worked hard shifts seven nights a week even 12 hours as a security guard in clubs and parties in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland). I was underpaid but all those hours allowed me to set aside a small nest egg.

At the age of 24 I had a great opportunity. The gym I had always trained in was falling apart and on the verge of failure. A sort of basement, the typical bodybuilding gym of the past. With four pennies I was able to detect it and put it back into the picture. After a couple of months I knew more where to put the members. I admit it wasn't easy. I was still very young and managing everything alone was not easy. There was just me, I could not afford anyone .. from morning to night, including cleaning. I spent Sundays making training and accounting records and every now and then I set up a few midweek security shifts at night to stay in them economically.

That was my first business later I opened four other gyms to date. I still don't feel fulfilled I always have many new projects that keep me alive and that I want to complete. After about 10 years of hiatus from competitions, I felt quite ready to be back on stage again. It was 2013 I presented myself as an unknown at the IFBB Italian Championships as heavyweight, winning the gold medal.

A unique emotion that led me to plan my sporting future also in the international field but it is in 2020 that I managed to fulfill my dream, a beautiful daughter from a wonderful woman who accompanied me to my biggest race where I won the Pro card in San Marino .. the real one that leads me to dream one day of a possible qualification for MR. Olympia, yes just what I dreamed of at 15.

After all, one is always a bit of a child and dreaming never hurts, but above all giving up means having lost at the start! I want to thank a big company like Yamamoto Nutrition for the financial help. especially in a difficult time like this. I can only consider myself lucky.

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  • 2013 1st classification IFBB Italian Championships Cat. Maximum weights
  • 2014 6th place in IFBB Europeans
  • 2018 2nd place in European IFBB
    1st place + Procard IFBB elite Diamond Cup Panatta Rimini Welness
    1st place + Procard IFBB elite Diamond Cup China
  • 2020 1st place + Overall Italian IFBB Pro league
    1st place + Overall + Procard IFBB Pro league San Marino
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Work out

Mine is a very instinctive workout. It is always based on daily sensations.
Basically I never go below 20 sets for each muscle district and I like to combine strength exercises with others that are much more hypertrophic.

Surely if I could go back I would change a lot of things. I have been injured many many times due to too high loads, true that is part of the game, but every workout lost is one less day to reach a goal and for a bodybuilder the goal is the stage not the strength contests. This is the advice I feel I can give to younger kids and athletes.

Going back to talking about my workouts, they don't differ much from the offseason to the pre contest phase because in both phases I try to take care of every corner. Unlike my first 15 years of training, I prefer to use machines rather than free weights, avoiding the risk of injuries as much as possible and my training sessions are always SIX weekly.


As with training, my diet also does not differ much from the offseason to the onseason phase, only the quantities change.

There are many schools of thought and the world is beautiful because it is varied. The goal is always that of the stage. The important thing is to be in great shape at the right time.

In my opinion, to get to have a high muscle quality it is important to maintain the diet all year round. An athlete to be defined as such must be able to do so. There aren't many loopholes. Dirty refills or the famous and much-acclaimed cheat meals are not for me. In my opinion, those who need to resort to certain techniques probably either can't keep a certain stiffness or are doing something wrong in their diet. Certainly I don't criticize anyone, as I said before the goal is the stage and he will judge.

  • Extra

    The only thing that inspires me is the stage! I'm not old but now almost 38, not even young to be a bodybuilder. There is nothing and no one that I take inspiration from and honestly I never did. Despite my many flaws, I would not trade my body with anyone else. My weaknesses will never be my strengths but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to improve them as much as possible. Now with social media it is possible to browse anything, even your most fearsome opponents. It's something I don't do, it could even turn out to be a mind trap. I just know that when I enter the gym I have to give it my all and I will have no regrets.
  • My favorite exercise

    I don't have a particular favorite exercise, but I feel more satisfaction in all those pushing exercises that involve shoulders and pecs.
  • Future dreams

    Being satisfied is never a good thing, but being aware of your limits is essential to keep your feet always firmly on the ground. I have already achieved more than what I honestly dreamed of but if we have to talk about dreams then the most prestigious stage in the world "that of Olympia" remains at the top of the pyramid .. so much it's just a dream, but dreaming is free and I won't back down to try to reach it.
    However, always to stay with our feet on the ground, I believe that the important thing is what we will then be able to leave or pass on and I hope in the future to be a good example for this damned sport.
  • Why Yamamoto?

    First of all, being part of Yamamoto Nutrition is a great personal prestige. Who would not want to be part of the leading company in the sector.
    Yamamoto because it is the only company that firmly believes in this sport and in addition to thinking about corporate interests, it thinks about supporting and pushing the athletes it believes in as high as possible.
    Now leaving out the human side, it is appropriate to move on to the technical side, and in a team of champions like this the quality of the products is fundamental. No professional who aspires like us to bring Italian colors to the highest world competition would ever take scarce or mediocre products. Every aspect in a preparation is fundamental as well as that of integration. You have to rely on the top of the range to excel and that's why I feel safe.