Date of birth


My passion for fitness and bodybuilding was born again in childhood and then developed in a more practical field in adolescence, when you are initially attracted to figures who follow the typical models of muscular or aesthetic development represented for example by actors or athletes of various disciplines, from art and culture through the Hellenic representations of the human body, from literature with books or comics in which the human body is praised in its strength, virility and beauty.

I started to try my hand at muscle development activities in the adolescent stages in which I mainly practiced sports of various amateur types including swimming and martial arts in the first place, but to which I accompanied parallel exercises with free body or with small overloads to seek those sensations of fullness and a gradual increase in the body which are the basis of actual bodybuilding.

From here this great passion was born which I then decided to undertake later as a professional goal later starting my training and practical path. I enrolled and then graduated from the faculty of exercise science and privately attended various training courses that accompanied me from then on to build the theoretical foundations for my current job, as well as I started practicing bodybuilding in the equipment room and working on it internal to become familiar with customers.

Following the good response from clients, I then decided to open a freelance business as a consultant and personal trainer and more or less in the same period I also started my competitive career as an athlete after years of study and practice having created a good muscle base .

I held my first competition at the end of 2015 in the NBFI federation and in the following 2 years in the IFBB ITALY where I immediately collected excellent results with several wins at national level.

In 2018 I decided to move to the NPC federation (IFBB PRO LEAGUE ITALIA) where at the second race as an amatuer I won category and absolute by adding the PRO CARD and the following day I also won the PRO category as my first debut and entering the list for the OLYMPIA of that year. I think it was one of the best days of my life!

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  • 2018 first place category and first place overall OLYMPIA AMATEUR SPAIN in Alicante (Spain)
    first place VERONICA GALLEGO PRO in Alicante (spain)
    first place PORTUGAL PRO in Estoril (Portugal)
    participation in MR OLYMPIA in Las Vegas (USA)
  • 2019 second place VANCOUVER PRO in Vancouver (Canada)
    first place KAI GREEN CLASSIC in Padua (Italy)
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Work out

My training programs are always in split routine in which I diversify the frequency and intensity / volume of work according to the various periods of the year, for example in the on season the frequency is 6 workouts per week with overloads + some sessions separate aerobics, in which the general workload is very high and the individual parameters such as volume and intensity are managed according to the necessary stimuli and also to the caloric intake that will be modulated in a very precise way according to the condition and timing of the event .
In the off season, on the other hand, I can afford to lighten the training load for greater recovery at a systemic level precisely given by the previous period in which I finished the competitive season but always aiming to maintain the condition and physical skills acquired as much as possible.



Even at a nutritional level it differs according to the period in question: in the off season there is a little more variety in food sources but a nutritional profile is kept high enough so that it must be favorable to the body's recovery processes and also mental.
In the on season, what changes is the rigidity and specificity of the diet which will then be modulated in a precise way, always depending on the condition and timing of the race, however it generally continues with a view to cutting calories as the event approaches.

  • Extra

    My sources of inspiration and motivation as well as an innate desire for continuous personal improvement are given by the great athletes who populate our sector but also by all the exponents of any other sport who demonstrate excellence in that field.
  • My favorite exercise

    All push / pull exercises aimed at the trunk muscles.
  • Future dreams

    My ambitions are to continue my athletic career in the best possible way, giving me many other satisfactions in the various events as well as making a "position" at OLYMPIA among the great exponents of my category and growing at the same time at a professional level as a technical figure.
  • Why Yamamoto?

    I choose Yamamoto because I think it is the best company in the world in the field of sports integration, in continuous growth as it has done so far, with the best technical composition and research and study of its products. Since I have included them in my daily routine I have noticed a notable improvement of my abilities both conditionally but also visually in the body condition in all the phases of the year I am facing.