Date of birth


I have always loved and practiced sport in general, fitness and bodybuilding came at a difficult time in my life! This sport has formed me both temperamentally and professionally, I dedicated myself to the world of BB competitions because I love to exceed my limits, it is a sport that always pushes you to give more !! In 2018 an important television experience arrived, which allowed me to have an extremely large and varied audience, thanks to this I am able to convey the beauty and importance of fitness in our life to many novices! I love fitness! I love my job!

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  • 2017 IFBB Italian vice champion
  • 2016 european ifbb barcelona top 10
    italian champion ifbb
    olympia amateur marbella top 6
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Work out

My workouts prefer a few repetitions with high loads, both in the off season and in the cut phase, together with my coach Giuseppe Romano we have understood that, the most suitable way for my type of metabolism and body is this training methodology, together we noticed that workouts such as super sets, trisets etc. were going to put too much stress on my muscle and therefore we had a contrary effect, since my muscles with these workouts tended to empty and lose volume


I can't complain about the diet, having an extremely fast metabolism, so both in the off season and in the pre-race phase I can afford to eat high amounts of carbohydrates, sometimes in the cut phase we even reached 600g of gross carbohydrates per day, let's say that I suffer more from the off-season phase because just to gain some weight I have to force myself to swallow my meals.

  • What inspires me?

    I do not say perfection because it would be stupid and banal, but I always inspire myself to the top, I am a person who when he sees a great athlete I am not there trying to find a nit just for a matter of envy as others do, but I try to be inspired by them, I do not have a particular athlete to whom I am inspired, but I am inspired by the whole world of fitness in general
  • My favorite exercise

    Flat bench all life
  • Future dreams

    Being a super ambitious person, I always dream big
    On a professional level I would like to make a name for myself in our sector, not necessarily in the field of BB, but precisely in fitness and general well-being, at 27 I think I am on the right path.
    Extra work dreams and extra fitness, there are many, but first of all like almost everyone, there is the house of my dreams and the family of my dreams, even on this point, thanking God, the path taken is the right one
  • Why Yamamoto?

    After participating in the reality show I had many offers from supplement brands, even more economically advantageous, but YAMAMOTO NUTRITION cannot be compared with other brands, it is the top! It is the second year that I have been part of this team and this company and I am very proud of it!