100% Organic Peanut Spread Chocolate Flakes Flavoured classic Recipe 600 grams

Rating: 5,0 | 9 Reviews

100% Organic Peanut Spread Chocolate Flakes Flavoured classic Recipe 600 grams

Rating: 5,0 | 9 Reviews
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"The first organic peanut cream with the addition of real 100% organic chocolate flakes!"
100% Organic Peanut Cream Classic Recipe is Smile Crunch organic peanut spread made with 100% peanuts with no added sugars (naturally occurring sugars), chocolate flakes flavour. Ideal on toasts or desserts and to accompany your breakfast.
A portion of 15 g, corresponding to 1 tablespoon, is recommended.

Why is there a layer of oil on the surface, separated from the cream below?

This separation is the demonstration of the total absence of emulsifiers inside the jar. The spreadable creams that are smooth and perfectly homogeneous have this aspect thanks to their content of emulsifiers.

Smile Crunch has chosen to produce organic and natural and does not use emulsifiers or preservatives.

To make the precious organic and natural Smile Crunch creams soft and spreadable, simply take a spoon and drill holes in the hardened pasta so that the oil penetrates back into the interior. Then, mix with energy in all directions until the consistency returns to being soft and homogeneous.

What are the differences between an organic product and an industrial product?

Many studies have highlighted how organic foods are better in many ways. In addition to having a greater nutritional intake, they have a minimum quantity of chemical residues compared to industrial products. To underline these differences, research was conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition which highlighted their advantages.

The raw material used in the Smile Crunch creams comes only from organic farming.
The term organic agriculture indicates a method of cultivation and breeding that only allows the use of natural substances, excluding the use of chemical synthesis substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). Organic farming means developing a production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources, in particular of the soil, water, and air, using these resources within a sustainable development model that can last over time.

Nutritional information

Nutrition Information
Per 100 g Per 15 g (1 tablespoon)
Energy 2559 kJ / 618 kcal 384 kJ / 93 kcal
of which saturates
50 g
10 g
7,5 g
1,5 g
of which sugars
8,9 g
5,7 g
1,3 g
0,9 g
Fibre 9,5 g 1,4 g
Protein 28 g 4,2 g
Salt 0,01 g < 0,01 g
The package contains 40 portions of 15 g each.

Ingredients: roasted peanuts (97%)*, cocoa flavouring* (2,5%), cocoa flakes* (0,5%).

May contain sesame seeds.
*Organic ingredient.

Reviews (9)

User: 122779 05/11/2020
Che dire... Ottima come tutti i prodotti che passano per Yamamoto
Daniele 21/10/2020
Crema molto gustosa con i pezzi di cioccolato. Io la utilizzo principalmente per farcire dei sandwich o semplicemente a cucchiaiate. Prodotto veramente squisito!
Vinicio 18/10/2020
L'ho provata poco fa per la prima volta....è buonissima . Finalmente il vero sapore di arachidi senza aggiunte artificiali , senza zuccheri e schifezze varie . Il sapore è eccezionale con i pezzi di cioccolato.
Daniele 12/10/2020
Comprata e ricomprata, una certezza! Senza zuccheri e ne altro, piacevole al gusto, i pezzi di cioccolato che si sciolgono in bocca è qualcosa di spettacolare
Alessandro 11/10/2020
Questa crema è una droga. Con i pezzi i ciocolato davvero TOP!!
Sara 29/08/2020
La utilizzo sia nei pancake che nei dolci. Veramente un prodotto ben fatto. Ottima consistenza. Per poi parlare dei pezzi di cioccolato vero all'interno.
Francesca 15/08/2020
Semplicemente deliziosa.
Anna 02/08/2020
Eh no! Non va bene!! Vi siete superati. Appena arrivata. Ed i pezzi di cioccolato che si sciolgono in bocca è qualcosa di indescrivibile.
Luciano 01/08/2020
Entra di diritto tra le mie creme preferite. Anzi la mia preferita!

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