Roelly Winklaar

Winner of the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championships - Winner of the 2010 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix

Roelly first came to national prominence in the US with his overall win at the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championships, displaying a rare combination of massive size and shredded conditioning that heralded big things to come. After earning his pro card roelly returned for the 2010 IFBB Arnold Classic achieving the seventh-place. After placing third at the 2010 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix, Roelly shocked the bodybuilding world by winning 2010 IFBB New York Pro. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new star was born.

Candice Lewis

Winner at Arnold Classic Australia 2017 after a 2nd placing in the previous edition

Candice Lewis is a US athlete that has competed in the Figure division since 2007. Candice's desire to become a great bodybuilder emerged during college years when she decided to make her way in the world of bodybuildng. Among her achievements we cannot mention her wins at the NPC 2011, at the IFBB Wings of Strength 2012 and at the IFBB St. Louis Pro 2014. Candice's philosofy in life, as a bodybuilder is: "train yourself to get in shape, train yourself to win". Candice says it is her greatest dream to win Mrs. Figure Olympia.

Alessio Sakara

Italian Professional Mixed Martial Artist; Former Professional Boxer and Sanshou Kickboxer

Currently competing in the light-heavyweight division of Bellator MMA, one of the most prestigious world organizations, Alessio Sakara has fought in many famous clubs such as "dei Conti", Cage Warriors, M-1 Global, and Jungler-Fight. An algorithm that uses fighter scores to rank fighters says that Sakara is the 58th-ranked light heavyweight in the world. His boxing is clean and good. In fact, his matches are generally awesome.

Giorgio Petrosyan

Winner of the Prestigious K-1 MAX Competition in 2009 and 2010

Giorgio Petrosyan is an Armenian-Italian kickboxer who competes in the middleweight division. He is noted for his supreme technical skills, ringsmanship, and defensive prowess that have seen him defeat some of the best strikers in the world while taking on little to no damage. He joined Glory in 2012 following its Showtime and K-1's demise and further cemented his place as the elite 70 kg/154-pound kickboxer by winning the Glory 2012 Lightweight Slam tournament. He is the 8th-ranked lightweight in the world, as ranked by GLORY.

Marvin Vettori

Fighter in the Mediumweight Division of the US Federation UFC

Marvin is a professional mixed martial artist. He is the youngest Italian ever to join the promotion. In the beginning, he fought in organizations such as UCMMA and Venator FC. Marvin is a complete fighter. He is skilled in both ground fighting and traditional fighting.

Nathan de Asha

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Generation Iron Athlete

Nathan was a young lad who grew up in Liverpool and worked hard with determination and ambition to achieve the ultimate dream of becoming an IFBB Pro. De Asha competed in his first-ever Mr. Olympia competition in 2016 and aims to break into the top 5 within the next two years. And by the looks of how things are going, that goal might well be exceeded.

Haida Mustapha

Intercontinental Champion of Waka Pro; World Champion of ISKA and Venum; Winner of the Thaiboxmania and Oktagon Tournaments; Winner of Fight Code

He fought in the Monis'Team in Florence under his master and K-1 world champion Dimitri Monini. He lives and trains himself at the Fight Academy, a very well specialized institute of fighting sports. During his career, he has beaten champions including as Arnaldo Silva (for the title of World Champion of Waka Pro), Josè Barradas, Julian Imeri, and Hunkar Kilic.

Petar Klancir

Overall Winner of the Mr. Olympia Amateur in Prague

Petar Klancir is a Croatian bodybuilder with a tremendous amount of potential. His ambition to become an IFBB Pro fueled him to work harder each day despite the odds. Besides being a vice-champion at the Arnold Classic Amateur competition twice, he won the 2012 NABBA Mr. Universe and was the 2014 Balkans Overall Champion. In 2015, he finally earned an IFBB Pro card.

Armen Petrosyan

Italian Champion of Thai Boxe WPKC 2006; MTA European Champion 2007; WMTA 2013 World Champion

He arrived in Italy when he was 13 and now lives and trains himself at Gorizia with his brother and master, Alfio Romanut, in the Satori Gladiatorum Nemesis gym. He fought for Italy. He approaches the pro-international world because of Carlo di Blasi, who managed Armen's brother, too. In 2014, he entered the Fight1 association, and he returned to live in Milan with his brother, Giorgio.


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